Spray Dryers and Fluid Beds

Flexibility is a key quality we look for in the solutions we bring our customers. Our range of spray dryers and fluid beds demonstrate this by serving a wide array of applications, from sweetened condensed milk and coffee whitener to infant formula and whey protein.

The technology we provide gives dairy manufacturers complete control of moisture content, particle size distribution, wettability and other parameters. This versatility allows you to get the most out of the machine you invest in, while leaving room to facilitate any future growth your company might undergo.
Cost-efficiency is important and as well as being energy efficient, our spray dryers and fluid beds have proven to have a proven performance/cost ratio. This is achieved through a combination of rapid drying and cooling, automated processes and an easy operating system that reduces the chance of human error or delays.

While optimizing your production line’s efficiency, the solutions we recommend also have a long operating life. They are built with reliable components that last, thus demanding simple and  easy maintenance by technicians.


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