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We, at Hirshberg Brothers Machinery, are looking to be your point of contact at any time, whenever you need a new solution; where ever your organization is located. Our solutions support a wide variety of industries (or sectors as we like to call them), including but not limited to Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food and Confectionery, Chemical and Water Treatment. In each industry we are acting, we seek to provide a wide selection of solutions. The solutions we offer and provide are sourced from leading suppliers who are the amongst the leading names known. Our target is to provide industrial machinery and overall solutions that bring value to our customers, which are known for their high quality and unmatched performance. Whether you are looking for a separator to improve your waste water quality so your production plant is complying with the highest of regulations, or you are building a new Pharmaceutical production site, which is aimed at delivering the best performing new medicine that can change the world, you can count on us to bring you the best product, the best solution from our selected suppliers, and the most professional and experienced support from our sales force.

Our portfolio of solutions covers your needs, depending on your industry. From material handling, through process, production, testing, validation and packaging, all the way to the secondary packaging and product protection and identification. In some of the industries we are able to offer unique solutions that will be pin-pointed and tailor made to your specific needs, and in others it is the cost-effectiveness and proven track-record that will appeal to you. We keep improving and seek always to introduce new partners, but this is always in parallel to some key players that are our partners for decades.

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Providing the flexibility and efficiency needed for growth

With the increasing demands of the public for beverages that offer a rounded experience in terms of creativity, production equipment has never been so important. The technology at every stage of your processing line needs to be able to work with you as you develop new and better products. Here, you’ll find the latest innovations, giving you the tools needed for your growth.


Streamline your production line with the latest innovations

The packaging stage of your production line is one of the key processes where your products are at risk of damage, which in turn may create waste, that not only costs you in direct profit but can also delay operations. Our equipment is designed to handle products with care using industry-leading technology, ensuring your pharmaceuticals reach the customers and consumers in as you intended it to be.


Flexibility is key in R&D

Unlike other industries and departments that need uniform results on mass, R&D requires a dependable mix of precision and fluidity. Products are tested, trialed and tweaked, which means your equipment needs to be able to work with you as your next big pharma project evolves. We source the latest in innovative solutions from the industry’s pioneers so you have everything you need.


Manufacturing efficiency to boost your revenue

When the most competent machinery is used, our customers are avoiding impairing biotech production processes, and the companies we serve are benefiting of the profit margins they deserves. We believe in offering the latest advances in technology to enhance our customers’ manufacturing lines, maximizing both their output and product quality.


Let the latest technological advances improve your operation

Technology is constantly evolving and the solutions in this range of environmental processing equipment reflect that dedication to progress. Using outdated solutions means your final results will never reach their full potential – and neither will your business. Benefit from the decades of research and development behind this pioneering range of technologies and bring your production line into the future.


Ensure your customers experience only the best

Quality is not something food processing companies should have to compromise in favor of efficiency – and with these production solutions, you don’t have to. Customers are provided with the best technology available, ensuring they feel confident that their high standards are reflected in the products they put on shelves.

Marine and Off-Shore

Let your processing line exceed expectations

Processing equipment is an integral part of your production line and the machinery you use should be up to the challenge. Efficiency, flexibility, durability – these are just some of the features you should expect from the technology utilized in your operations. We commit to bring you the technology from the best developers in the industry to ensure you have the solutions you need to maintain your high standards.

Personal Care

We make sure your equipment matches the quality of your products

The high standards you require from your own products should be supported by a choice of technologies that reflects your company’s reputation. Working with us will make sure you’re achieving this by choosing from the industry’s leading Suppliers.


No problem is too small or too fast for us to handle.

Efficiency, flexibility, durability – these are just some of the features you should expect from the technology used in your operations. Inefficient processes result in excess downtime, reduced output and may lead to an increase in damaged products. That’s why we work and represent some of the best manufacturers of Pharmaceutical equipment in this demanding industry, to bring you solutions that are worthy of your high standards.