Separation of Cream and Whey from Milk ( Standartization)

Equipped with an integrated patented skimming separator and IO control system, our cream separation solutions are putting state-of-the-art technology to good use.  Other advanced characteristics of these systems include a booster pump for the operation water, as well as a solids tank and pump for solids discharge.

Efficient, productive machines allow you to achieve great results in less time. With the solutions we can supply, there is the capacity to reach a large range of milk and whey skimming outputs, up to very high capacities, while making use of innovative systems that allows you to extend ejection intervals.
In line with our mission to bring you flexible choices, the technology has been designed for a variety of applications from whey skimming and milk cleaning to monitoring cream fat content. There is also the option to choose between the most efficient process or a more economic approach, depending on your personal and production priorities.

The separators we supply and service are durable and automatic, facilitating quick and seamless installation. The IO control system also allows the separators to be easily operated, while achieving consistent results. Automation and smooth processing systems mean that operator interaction is minimal, ensuring faster production speeds and a significantly reduced chance of error.



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