Sanitation is a key component in the dairy industry. Some challenging processes such as powder dispersion, minimizing aeration, and use of thickening and stabilizing agents must occur within a sanitary environment.

The mixing solutions we provide are ideal for the dispersion of extensive soluble powders, and integrated “butterfly” valves allow powder to be added with ease. These machines are simple to use, ensuring operators can monitor lines without trouble.

We only work with leading manufacturers to deliver products that aim to satisfy all expectations. Our mixers are developed with a dependable and sturdy CIP-friendly construction. Easily interchangeable shafts are just one of the features that make these products easy to maintain throughout the machine’s operation.

The sturdy construction of these products guarantees low maintenance costs, especially when the APV pumps are in use. The shaft seals on these mixers are identical to those used in W+/WS.

The mixers work reliably and quickly to offer all-round, high performance levels. those machines are fitted with fast induction and dispersion systems to cut your average batch time, and they are designed so smooth and lump free products can be produced every time.
Our state-of-the-art mixers are intended to meet all of your manufacturing needs.


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