Reliable traceability is a great asset in dairy production which is why our pasteurizing solutions include continuous recording features. This technology is precise and dependable, giving you peace of mind that your processing system is under your complete control.
Optimizing productivity and efficiency is an important objective for us, and thus the solutions we supply are designed with automatic temperature control and flow diversion. This allows your product to maintain a high quality, while minimizing losses that can affect your profit margins. In Addition, high heat recovery rate will increase your benefit from low operating costs.

Depending on your needs, flexibility in the product range allows you to choose from low capacities of (as low as 3,000 l/hr) to the high capacities (as high as 60,000 l/hr).

Modular design allows for fast and easy integration. We have also been careful to source pasteurizing solutions that are durable, assuring you of a long service life, lower operational costs and a significant return on investment.


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