Manufacturers in the dairy industry often need to facilitate the production of a wide variety of products. This is why we source flexible options that maximize efficiency, while allowing flexibility throughout the process.

Our decanter solutions effectively produce the necessary processing  required for a variety of  products such curd or bakers cheese, as well as lactose and casein, while also handling the reprocessing of cheese fines.

Adapted bowl speed, high-torque drive and low energy consumption combine to create a smooth, efficient process that will optimize any production line. The design can also be adapted to match the level of hygiene you require. Feed systems and flanges can be customized, while standard elements include surface finish for product-contact parts and the sealing of grooves and screw heads.

Our choice of solutions is built to last, ensuring you get a constant product output over time, thus securing an improved return on investment. These machines have been designed to withstand continuous operation. Ergonomics have been considered in order to allow for smooth operation as well as quick access by the maintenance team.


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