We bring a range of state-of-the-art technologies that offer a new standard in milk processing due to innovative design and optimized centrifugal applications.

A combination of soft-stream systems with hydro-hermetic feed systems allows for gentle product acceleration when separating milk and whey. Output levels are still high, but gentle treatment ensures that quality is maintained, while providing you with a higher level of flexibility. This process also reduces water consumption, while increasing protein yields, ensuring optimized cost, and time-efficiency.

Nozzle separators are designed specifically to minimize product loss, while increasing output through the automated control of soft cheese consistency and the proportion of dry components. This centrifugal process is significantly superior to a filter process due to constant flow rate, consistency and the option of direct filling.

Our wide range of solutions and options, ensure versatility adapting the accurate solution from the wide range of available machines that can fit the production of double cream, fresh cheese, skim milk and many other dairy products


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