Skimming of Milk and Whey

It is our motivation to bring our customers the latest innovations the dairy industry has to offer and our range of skimming equipment is definitely in line with our ethos. Working with leading world-class supplier, we can deliver solutions that utilize ground-breaking technology,.
Your machinery should allow you to achieve high performance in minimal amounts of time. Quality does not need to be compromised when you want higher productivity levels. Some pioneering patented system characteristics allow the increases of protein yields, while reducing solid volume and water consumption. Maximum efficiency results in high throughput, while innovative product protection systems ensure your dairy products are treated with care, as well as allowing you to get the most out of your raw materials, low operating costs, minimal energy requirements and reduced water consumption provide even more opportunities for you to increase your profit margin.

The robust designs mean long-term durability and a higher return on your investment. Low maintenance costs combined with a service-friendly build results in minimal downtime and a long operating life.

With an in-place cleaning system and the ability to operate 24-hours a day, we have the skimming solutions you’ve been searching for.


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