Concentration of Cream ( Evaporators )

Working with leading  industries, we can provide a  range of innovative liquid concentration solutions for manufacturers in the dairy industry.

Evaporation is an incredibly efficient way of removing liquids, proving time and again to be reliable, as well as cost-effective through energy conservation. With the solutions we provide, processing times are shortened by optimizing liquid distribution to ensure a consistently even product layers.

The latest innovations have been utilized with technologies such as thermo-compressors, which convert pressure energy to kinetic energy to minimize the need for electricity. Meanwhile, high-pressure fans are adapted to handle large vapour quantities at low temperatures and higher temperature differences can be achieved when needed.

We supply a variety of options which are available depending on your specific needs. Utilized technologies include Recirculated, Single Pass, Forced Circulation and Steam Heated. Both single-stage and multi-stage options are also available.

Machine design target optimization of the production process through shorter residence times and thermal efficiency, and cleaning-in-place (CIP) systems can be offered to reduce downtime.



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