Aseptic Filling (Bottles and Carton Packaging)

Top food manufacturers know it’s important to keep up with the latest packaging technologies. Utilizing these innovations ensures your products last longer and arrive on supermarket shelves in the best possible condition.

When we provide solutions for filling machines to the dairy industry, we look for solutions which extend the boundaries in order to discover better approaches in building equipment, either for the bottled or carton-type packaging solutions.
Our range of Aseptic bottle fillers (as well as lower grade fillers) brings you flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness. They also ensure your dairy products are protected in a safe environment during production in order to maintain the original product’s high quality.

Downtime is significantly reduced through innovative designs such as a neck transfer system that allows for quick switches between varieties of packaging sizes. As always, efficiency is a priority for us whenever we source packing solutions for our clients and these machines are no exception.

When sourcing machinery, the latest innovations are a priority for us. Technological features include heat-sealing technology and magnetically actuated sealing heads for the safe and sterile capping of each bottle. Coupled with sensors that can detect leakage from sealed bottles, either empty or filled ones, our systems limit the errors are strive to detect them before your products reach the customers.

When choosing Carton packaging solutions, our solutions can meet your customers’ needs, applying a variety of perforation formats and easy-pour designs. Some designs also utilize patented screw caps for convenient use.

This choice is making use of environmentally-friendly cartons, made from around 75% responsibly-sourced wood and fully recyclable. Incredibly light and easy to store and distribute, they reduce your company’s carbon foot print and transport costs per container. Compared with glass containers, these cartons reduce packaging weight by almost 93%, and bring considerable logistics improvement and cost reduction.

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