Bag and Big Bag Fillers (Powder)

Efficiency, reliability, flexibility – these are the qualities we value when bringing the latest packaging technologies for your business. The range of filling solutions we offer our clients is guaranteed to improve productivity and streamline your production line.

These high-precision machines use top-of-the-line weighing technologies to ensure constant and continuous accuracy, regardless of the product. Their capacity to handle a wide range of sizes, including jumbo bags ranging from 500 to 1500 kg, makes them the perfect addition to a production line that requires technological and operational flexibility and convenience.

Associated waste is minimized thanks to a focus on product protection throughout the process while maintaining quality and safety after production is also prioritized. Extrusion-coated materials are available, boasting anti-microbial properties that help to preserve the sterility of your dairy products.

Laminating films come with a range of dedicated functions, such as acting as barriers against various environmental contaminants, like aromas, water vapour and oxygen, which can deplete the quality of your product.

As always, we source technology that allows you flexibility within your production line and these bagging solutions are no exception. Your dairy products can benefit from protection against high-humidity environments, cold storage and high temperatures. Packaging also remains stable within harsh conditions, allowing you to ship to varying condition regions with confidence.

Convenience is the key in running a smooth production line, which is why our solutions come in a variety of forms, from single-serve pouches to stand-up bags. Other packaging features include anti-fogging treatment, as well as peeling or reclosing formats. The choice of fully-automated bagging systems not only streamline your process, but also reduce the need for operator intervention, minimizing the chance of human error derailing your streamlined production.

Paper-based industrial bags are just one example of a way to facilitate the safe storage and presentation of milk powder, while maintaining an appealing overall look that will reflect positively on your brand’s reputation.

You can feel sure to bring us your product definition and specification so we can select and offer you the best bagging material and solution.

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