To ensure your production line meets the highest standards of safety and hygiene, the range of aerators we bring are specially designed to prevent the reinfection of sterilized dairy products.

Milk-based products are a prime target for bacteria and micro-organisms due to the significant levels of fat, protein and sugar. With this in mind, the solutions that can be integrated are built to facilitate both sterilization-in-place (SIP) and cleaning-in-place (CIP).

Our suppliers have technologies which are available for a wide range of dairy products from mousse to whipped cream (across the pH range). Even for more complex products, the available technologies, such as in processing yoghurt, can allow the introduction of other textures with ease, such as fruit pieces, while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. This allows our cusotmers the flexibility to meet the demands of the end-consumers, which now requires more variety in products such as the “varsitle” yoghurt styles.

As in the case of fresh cheese, the innovative range of solutions offered can aerate to a the specific level required to allow low-fat or spreadable products.
It is always our target to bring the best machinery available to ensure that our customers remain ahead of their competitors.


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