After Sales Services 


Your experience with us is not limited to a purchase of a machine or spare parts. We at Hirshberg Brothers (HBM) believe in providing a selection of services to our customers.

When we consider “service” we see a collection of services, that you can use and benefit from, either before making your decision about a purchase, or after you already received the goods from our suppliers. Throughout the product (or project) life cycle, we have identified areas where we can bring added value, simplify processes, and increase your confidence in your decision.

The after sale services of HBM is provided by a skilled team of employees. Helpdesk services, mechanical workshop, spare parts and technical information, local on-site services including maintenance, installation, training and commissioning of new equipment. by the qualified service technicians, who are supported by our global partners, are all part of our portfolio.

Contact us to benefit from the above selection of services, as well as from our experience in Trials and Evaluation of samples before your purchase, and personal and professional Consultancy and Training aided by our sales managers.


Consultancy services are available to promote production growth, either directly from HBM team or by providing access to our suppliers’ vast expertise and knowledge base. Through this initiative, customers can benefit from the vast experience which the HBM team has in a wide range of sectors.

This service can be employed in a number of ways to optimize operations within your company. Consultancy can be applied to:

  • Assessing of the suitability of machines for customer requirements;
  • Identifying the most  suitable solutions for the customer needs;
  • Recommending required maintenance actions;
  • Advising on production efficiency improvement;
  • Improving and optimizing productivity and production quality.

Through our contacts, or directly from HBM, we can offer expert consultancy in order to assist our customers in recognizing gaps in productivity and identifying ways in which efficiency can be improved. Contact the team today and let them grow your business.

Costumer Training

An empowered workforce is a productive workforce and that is why employees should be given the tools they need to operate production lines with confidence.

HBM are happy to provide on-site training for selected machinery and brands, either by our local team or with the assistance of our key suppliers. This can be tailored to suit the various levels and skills of staff within a client’s company, including technicians, operators, technologists, marketers and purchasing employees.

Trials and Evaluation

Industrial companies need assurance that their technology is operating at its best. Technology needs to aid efficiency, so output is increased, product waste is reduced and profit margins increase.

However, it’s difficult for every-day operators to identify when machines are performing inefficiently or when they’re just not suited to a particular production line. That’s why you need an expert eye.

HBM can facilitate testing in conjunction with an evaluation of customer needs to ensure customers end up with the best machines. This can be carried out on the client’s premises, by bringing machines in for testing or by using our supplier’s facilities, or locally at our facilities.

Let HBM optimize your business today.


The HBM philosophy is that customer Technical Service is part of the complete package that we offer, and should be part of the on-going relationship after a purchase. With this in mind, clients have access to a team of technicians who can provide mechanical, electrical and control support, upon request.

Among the many things HBM’s support team can help with, we can:

  • Provide on-site (at customer’s facilities) maintenance service for a selection of machines; Refurbish selected machines in HBM workshop or on site; Carry out scheduled on-site Audits and\or maintenance activities for selected brand/machines as part of a preventive maintenance service;
  • Give breakdown maintenance support;
  • Complete part-identification/inventory control and reduction activity.
  • Perform installations and commissioning of machines or systems.

Get in touch today and discover how your company can benefit from the HBM experience.

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