Bacteria Removal from Milk and Whey

There are numerous bacteria, such as spore-forming Bacillus Cerus, which can cause sweet coagulation in packaged milk products and significantly reduce shelf-life.
Traditionally, heat is applied during the production process to kill these micro-organisms; however, temperatures exceeding 128°C are required to be effective and this can alter the taste and nutritional value of dairy products.

With this in mind, we bring to the market a range of clarifiers that can separate bacteria from milk without the additional application of heat.
Spores have a higher specific gravity than raw and skim milk, which means they can be removed when treated by a centrifugal process. This means heat is unnecessary and the use of nitrate to sterilize can also be discarded. Not only does this mean the natural taste and nutrients are maintained, but it is also cost-efficient, giving you greater returns on your investment.

The solutions we source promote efficiency during the production process, while ergonomic designs allow for easy inclusion in your line, as well as simple operation and maintenance processes.


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