Carton Packaging Machines (Cartoners)

If you need compact solutions for your carton-packaging needs, look no further than our range of packing solutions, delivered from some of the industry’s finest manufacturers. We can facilitate top-, bottom- and side-loading case packing, as well as wrapping, depending on your production needs.

We have sourced compact and flexible technologies, ensuring smooth integration into your production line.  We have solutions that are ideal for forming, filling and closing of cases or exhibitor cases, adapted according to product type and speed, which are defined and dependent on your reduction requirements.

Quality is guaranteed in every piece of machinery we recommend and our carton- packaging machines are made with great care to produce tough pieces of machinery that last. The machine solutions in our range were designed to facilitate maximum output within minimal time without sacrificing quality and precision.

Innovative robotic carton packaging machine systems can process up to very high speeds of products/minute. These machines provide focus on accessibility, so operators can handle the technology with ease. Design also ensures adaptability to your needs, facilitating the addition of new functions if needed. Forming and filling work stations can also be increased as demand for your products increases.

As always, we like to work with suppliers who recognize the importance of ergonomics. Machines in this range have a “clean” design that makes cleaning and format changes or maintenance timely and simple. Operator friendliness and easy access increase the efficiency of each machine model.

We provide end-of-line packaging machines from the industry’s leading manufacturers, that excel through their combination of compact design and high performance.

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