Catering to as many sieving requirements in the dairy industry as possible, we bring an unparalleled selection of equipment. Our solutions provide fast, efficient and reliable separations of liquids and solids, leaving you with a quality final product that can be used with confidence in later production stages.
Our range includes traditional round separators with simple, sanitary designs. Screens have a long lifespan and can be changed easily, ensuring minimal downtime whenever required. We also have multi-motion rectangular separators suitable for any dairy processing that has applications for both liquid and solid elements.

Considering the importance of hygiene during dairy production, our range also contains solutions that are designed specifically for contaminant-sensitive applications. A no-gap layout prevents product from getting trapped in the edge of screen, eliminating the risk of product build-up that could affect the quality of later cycles.

Other innovative technologies, such as flush connections and continuous seam welds, combine to heighten sanitary standards further and minimize chances of contamination. Ergonomic design also ensures ease of cleaning and operator safety.

Our sieving solutions are delivered from leading sources and can be found in top manufacturing plants around the world, with a track proven performance.


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