Tablet Testers

Uniformity is essential in pharmaceutical production and quality testing is a vital part of the process, allowing you to identify low-grade products before they reach the marketplace.

Our supplier provides a range of innovative, industry-leading laboratory testing devices that combine the latest technology with optimized usability. Our tablet quality testing solutions include weighing systems and length/width/thickness measurements, as well as hardness, abrasion and disintegration testers. Measuring range spans up to 1600N, allows you to analyze a wide range of tablet hardness.

Easy to clean and compact, the ergonomic design ensures minimal downtime and simple process integration. Usability has been optimized using state-of-the-art advances, like intuitive touch screen operation that allows operators to change a product or obtain conclusive test results in just a few clicks.

When it comes to analyzing results, data can be exported using a variety of options, such as USB stick or via a standard print-out containing a summary of results in table form.

By trusting our Supplier expert systems, you can rest easy knowing only the best of your products are reaching the shelves.

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