Reliability is key in pharmaceutical production and we utilize top-of-the-line cartoners to ensure you can process a variety of blisters and carton qualities with ease and confidence.

Our solutions will fit seamlessly into your production line, with each one designed to be compact and multi-functional. We have options for small and medium-sized batches, as well as bulk packaging, ranging from 150 to 500 cartons per minute.

All machines offer flexibility, facilitating a variety of diverse packaging formats, while maintaining high-speed and maximum efficiency. Fast format changeovers, touchscreen operation, and memory-stored format data functions allow operators to save time while reducing the chances for errors and increasing product consistency.

Feeding systems are designed to facilitate diversity and a selection of options are available for bottles, solid/liquid dose blisters, information leaflets and additional tools such as measuring spoons.

Utilizing the latest advances, we have solutions available with vacuum conveyors to ensure gentle transfers from blister machine to the cartoner. This not only minimizes the risk of product damage but also boosts cost-efficiency by reducing product waste. Meanwhile, innovative loading systems are designed with automatic adjustment to different stack heights, depending on your requirements.

With high-quality handling systems, speedy outputs, ergonomic design and quick changeover times, we have the suitable carton packaging solutions you need.

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