When your production line requires the separating of solid suspensions from liquids, centrifugal technology is the best way to achieve the results you’re after. Working with the industry’s leading supplier, we have a number of solutions available that utilize the latest advances for maximum efficiency and precision.
Separating two liquids with different densities can be easily achieved using our range of centrifuges. Flexibility can be facilitated with differing functions that also allow you to separate solids from liquids or even multiple liquids and solids. 

We understand that increased productivity means increased revenue, which is why our solutions will always maximize efficiency using state-of-the-art innovations. Quality won’t be sacrificed by the reduction in processing stages that yields accurate results faster when combined with short contact times. Meanwhile, costs can be reduced by low solvent requirements and the rapid retrieval of active ingredients.

In a production line which consists of wide ranges of machinery and an active operating staff, ergonomic design is essential. Our centrifuges are compact, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your process, while simple working structure allows operators to run our machines with ease.

As usual, we try to utilize the latest technological advances The patented hydrostop system is one example that will give operators increased control over the ejection process, maximizing efficiency and reducing turnaround times. The machine line also facilitates ease of cleaning, while multiple sterilization options could be available depending on your needs. Our line of machines also offer a variety of features, one of which is gentle product handling, so you know that your products are safe in our hands.

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