Our mission is to source the best technology available for our customers, which is why we work with manufacturers who exhibit the most experience in designing solutions for pharmaceutical applications. 
Standards for the production of sterile pharmaceutical products has never been higher, which is why this is a critical step in the manufacturing process and one that requires only the best solutions. 
A moist heat sterilization approach is the most popular due to its versatility and efficiency.

We have a range of machinery to suit your company’s preferred approach and needs from steam, through steam-air combo, to steam-water mix. Our steam-air and steam-water solutions are best suited to the sterilization of liquids in sealed containers as they control the differing pressures inside and outside each container it sterilizes. We can also accommodate your need for ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, which although restricted for pharmaceutical use, has incredible advantages for equipment like syringes. 

De-pyprogenation ovens are available if hot dry air sterilization solutions are required. The machines we supply are compact with a sanitary ergonomic design ensuring ease of use. They are also reliable and highly robust with state-of-the-art production performance. We do endless research to ensure that we supply our customers with the best available technology, and our autoclave solutions are of no exception.

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