Water for Injection

We understand how essential reliability is when it comes to preparing water for pharmaceutical use. Water is commonly used throughout the pharmaceutical industry and is typically prepared in individual production facilities to ensure sterility.
Once water has been further purified for industry use, it’s imperative that’s it’s stored correctly and distributed efficiently to where it’s needed to prevent contamination after in-house processing.

Our solutions for preparing water for injection are top-of-the-line, ensuring smooth integration into your production process, as well as a final product that is consistent and dependably sterile.

Even when using the latest in innovative technology, simplicity is the key to efficiency. Our solutions utilize evaporation advances involving distillation columns that allow purified water molecules to be evaporated and while impurities are separated by gravity.

Efficiency is further supported by an easy operating design that is fully automated. Operator involvement is minimized ensuring employee safety and reducing the chance of human error. Operation is controlled through sensors, but the process can be easily supervised and controlled by employees using touch screen technology.
Electro-polished exchanger bodies and the separation chambers help create a sanitary design, while pipes are steeped in water to prevent liming. Efficiency, ergonomics and reliability – are the key values we deliver you when you source your machinery from us.

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