Tablet Press

It’s our mission to bring you the latest in state-of-the-art technology, which is why our supplier’s tablet press solutions are considered amongst the industry’s leading innovative products.

As flexibility is crucial in R&D, itis something we look for to offer in our selected packaging solutions. With a potential output of up to 1 million tablets per hour, patented exchangeable turrets allow you to test and produce a wide range of tablet shapes and sizes. Project scope can also be improved by double-sided presses, which are suitable for compressing a vast number of products.

Top-of-the-line bi-layer systems ensure the creation of clear demarcation while preventing cross-contamination between layers. Your R&D projects benefit from advanced tablet take-off angles, optimized for gentle tablet handling to ensure the end product remains undamaged.

The selection of leading tablet press solutions, not only will provide a vast improvement in quality control, but also reduce the potential for operator error. Providing only the best in technological innovation, the systems we offer feature the latest in RFID/QR coding wireless technology and large screen mobile HMI touch screen for clear data presentation.

Ergonomics and efficiency are also important in laboratory or plant testing conditions, which is why we prioritize these factors when it comes to the solutions we offer. Advances allow ease of cleaning, as well simplified operating systems, while machine design results in fast product changeover and shorter downtime periods.

Our Supplier’s solutions are top-of-the-range, prioritizing key qualities such as flexibility and productivity, which are essential for any technology used by leading R&D departments.

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