For solid separation, the sieving technology we source comes from the industry’s leading innovators ensuring this stage in your production line is as efficient and precise as possible.

The sieving solutions we provide work with vibration technology using eccentric weights on a motion-generator shaft. Our solutions can separate solids from liquids or isolate individual solids of varying sizes. We can even facilitate the screening of fine particles up to 37 microns, as well as materials that are wet, hot, cold or light. Filtration, washing and vacuum drying can also be carried out in one machine to maximize efficiency and keep the process as smooth and seamless as possibly.

The separators we offer allow for flexibility in your production line, and the operators have the power to set spiral patterns and speed depending on the materials for maximum effectiveness. They have also been designed to the highest safety standards to ensure operator safety through the process.

As with all our pharma products, hygiene and aseptic conditions are maintained to minimize the possibility of contamination, and our range of sieving machines are built to facilitate a sanitary process.

Our Sieving solutions are top-of-the-line with simple, efficient designs that require less energy, facilitate easy screen changes and maximize component lifecycles. You’ll soon see the improvement in your production line after using one of our well-researched recommendations.


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