Capsule Fillers

Offering flexibility is something we value highly, which is why we supply systems that facilitate the filling of even complex products with varying parameters. With a wide range of filling options for a variety of product types, our Supplier’s capsule filling solutions ensure you have everything you need in this area of your production line.

When it comes to production, you can enjoy output of up to 150,000 capsules per hour. This optimized rate of manufacturing is facilitated by short change-over times, as well as quick user-friendly cleaning requirements and procedures.

You will not have to sacrifice quality for high output, as the solutions offered deliver controlled, precise dosage with minimal product loss. Patented slidegate technology makes dosing stations reliably accurate while filling stations use top-of-the-line advances in technologies such as compression and vacuum.

Micro-dosing can be carried out with ease, while servo-controlled liquid pumps allow production lines to work with a broad range of viscosity. The technology solutions also cater for numerous product combination fills thanks to innovative designs.

The chance of operator error is minimized thanks to low-maintenance operation and modernized software complying with data security guidelines, optimizing efficiency and reliability in your production line.

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