Customers demand creativity and innovation from beverage manufacturers and companies that supply production equipment in this area need to facilitate that. With this in mind, the sterilizing equipment sourced for this collection uses the latest in pioneering technology to facilitate maximum creativity and invention.

Efficient sterilization of beverages is key to prolonging shelf life and maintaining the quality of product taste and texture. Modular systems in this range make the process simple for operators with automatic control facilitating a smooth process that requires minimal intervention from operators. The result is an efficient, precise and reliable sterilization process that manufacturers can rely on.

Both direct and indirect UHT technologies are available and sterilization options can accommodate a variety of beverage types, from  fruit juices and nectars , coffee to Dairy products.

Ensuring cost-efficiency, a reduction in product loss and lower maintenance costs, result in optimized revenues and impressive return on investment. Meanwhile, compact design and a small footprint means valuable flexibility, which is particularly useful in smaller production facilities.

Pre-assembled and with a long service life, these high-performing modules will fit seamlessly into any production line.

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