Blow Molding

These blow-moulding solutions have been designed to stream-line bottle manufacturing on-site. Working with manufacturers, engineers have created technology that suits the needs of production lines and operators.

Harnessing vertical thermoforming technology, manufacturers can produce their own bottles using material they’re comfortable working with equipment that is easy to operate.

One major design requirement was that machines could be operated without significant training and education in plastic processing methods. These solutions can be used with ease by standard operators, who can create single-serve bottles using.

Users have the flexibility to produce containers for a variety of products, like aseptic filling and microwavable packaging, as well as chilled and hot filling. Bottle design capabilities also provide manufacturers with wider scope, facilitating large necks and short or round bottles.

Cost-efficiency is ensured with this on-site solution, which is further optimized by the machine’s ability to process pre-printed plastic sheet. This allows companies to increase revenue by eliminating the need to purchase extra equipment and eliminating excess steps in the production line.

This range of blow moulding technology is efficient, cost-conscious and innovative and will enhance all production facilities.

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