Aseptic Bags

To ensure products maintain their quality once they hit market shelves and to guarantee a high ROI, it’s crucial to choose packaging that extends a beverage’s shelf life. After-purchase quality should also be considered and high-value containers will prolong freshness after opening.

This range of aseptic bags provides sterile packages which preserve beverage flavors and textures, while subsequently maintaining nutritional value of products like smoothies. Not only that, they are also easy to distribute and to trace, and their sterilization quality allows you to reduce or eliminate the use of preservatives.

Processing should remain efficient at every stage of production and these aseptic bags facilitate bulk packaging processes that require no manual blending, while significantly reducing downtime. Dispensing is consistent and reliable and the pour-out function makes them easy to use. There is also an option for varying cap colors to maintain order and allow for easy product identification.

Bags in this range are free from BPAs while remaining durable and providing reliable protection from oxygen, which can accelerate product deterioration. Quality is guaranteed, so contact us today for more information.

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