Branding is incredibly important to a company’s reputation, reassuring customers that the products they are purchasing are of the highest quality. Cheap, unsophisticated and sloppy labelling can cheapen a brand in the eyes of buyers, reducing revenue and potentially losing a customer for life.

This line of top-performing technology provides quality assurance when it comes to dependable wrap-around labelling solutions. Labelling efficiency is maximized with potential output levels of up to 400 bottles/minute without sacrificing excellence.

This high standard is achieved through the utilization of a continuously rotating star wheel. Time and again, this approach has proven itself unbeatable in terms of precision and speed. The result is greater output at a lower cost, significantly increasing a company’s return-on-investment.

Modular design allows customers to customize machines in order to meet their production line’s specific needs. This is achieved in a cost-effective way with optional functions which include units that reject incorrectly labelled products.

Ergonomics have also resulted in a machine that facilitates shorter setup times, simple format changes and easy operating systems that are further enhanced with touch technology. This range of labelling equipment can optimize production facilities by fitting seamlessly into any existing production line.

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