Whenever a company invests in new machinery, it is important to know they are working with a reputable manufacturer who has a proven track record. Our choice of autoclave technology has more than 100 years of research and development behind it, produced by one of the leaders in the thermal plant sector.

Perfect for tempered and hardened glass, solutions in this range also facilitate flat and curved formats, providing users with significant design flexibility.  The autoclaves utilize the latest innovations to deliver perfect results and ensure homogenous transparency unaffected by opacity or air bubbles.

Efficiency is a crucial quality for all production equipment and these solutions are no exception. Thermodynamic technology minimizes input requirements, while optimizing production levels – something that is further supported by a maximized capacity format.

With options that are perfect for small and medium output requirements, ergonomic design also ensures these autoclaves suit small production facilities. Automatic “shuttle” delivery systems are available for larger volumes.

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