Bottle Fillers & Cappers

Using the latest advances in research and development, this range of bottle filling and capping technology is second to none. The range of solutions harness the power of counter-pressure filling technology to ensure efficient, reliable filling of containers with minimal waste.

Suitable for both carbonated and still beverages, high quality standards are maintained when applying this technology to glass or PET bottles. Maximum flexibility is provided through mechanical and PLC servo-controlled valves, which also allow users to set processing systems by recipes.

Productivity levels are prioritized to increase profit margins using cutting-edge technology to facilitate output ranges from 5,000 to 70,000 bottles/hour.

Users are provided with further flexibility when it comes to handling systems. Glass bottles are catered for with body handling, while neck handling is available for PET bottles to ensure products remain in perfect condition through the process.

Top performance is guaranteed with reliable precision in terms of filling and optimized oxygen content control. Meanwhile, ergonomic design ensures this range of solutions is easy to maintain as well as cost-efficient making this the range your production line needs.

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