Plate and Tubular Heat Exchangers

The range of heat exchanging technology is guaranteed to fulfil all beverage production needs. Pioneering pressure advancements mean thermal effectiveness is maximized to groundbreaking levels, resulting in cost and energy efficiency. Flexibility, theoretical and practical knowledge, and years of experience in delivering the right solution for the requested application are offered to you as part of our high quality product and service.

These solutions utilize pressure drops to optimize heat transfers and create a more productive process. At high mass flow, strategic design facilitates low pressure drops for both steam and gas. Furthermore, non-symmetric flows are seamlessly facilitated, while vacuum condensation can be incorporated into the process with ease. The result is value for money and a higher return on investment than a lesser machine could give you.

Flexibility is facilitated with the availability of multiple configurations for tube-in-tube exchanges, which are also available in corrugated and straight forms. Design also incorporates removable end caps to allow for further customization and thermal expansion protection is built into these models for optimized safety.

Operators, as well as end-user wellbeing is though after, and ensured through the materials used to build these innovative solutions. Every single component is cutting edge and capable of functioning properly in harsh conditions that can damage or decrease the lifespan of lesser models. This line of heat exchange technology is a cost efficient, reliable and flexible addition to your production line.

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