Water for Injection (WFI)

Water is generally used in the biotech production process, for example - in heat exchangers,. But when used in products, it needs a very careful and precise preparation processes to ensure sterilization. This is typically done on-site for which we can offer, the latest innovative Water for Injection (WFI) equipment for your manufacturing use.

The water preparation systems we offer are state-of the art, facilitating smooth integration into your production line and consistently producing water that is reliably sterile.

This products are based on a range of steam generators can separate impurities, such as pyrogens, thus producing consistently high-quality steam for your production line. The thermos-syphoning effect facilitates easy regulation and these units can also be fitted with condenser units, energy-recovery systems and graphic recorders, among other technologies.

Even when using the latest innovative technology, keeping simplicity is the key to efficiency. The range of solutions utilizes advanced evaporation technology involving distillation columns that allow purified water molecules to be evaporated while impurities are separated by gravity.
The solutions for preparing water for injection are top-of-the-line, ensuring smooth integration into your production process, as well as a final product that is consistent and dependably sterile.

Fully-automated systems, combined with easy-operating design, ensure that operator involvement is minimized to reduce the chance of human error. However, while the system operation can be controlled through sensors, employees can easily control the process manually if needed by using touch screen technology and advanced HMI.

Both separation chambers and electro-polished exchanger bodies are combine to maintain sanitary operations, while pipes are steeped in water to prevent liming.


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