Freeze Dryers Check

As a key characteristic, we choose to work with industry leaders when sourcing the range of freeze dryers, ensuring our customers can choose from the best available solutions. This range is the result of working with market leaders with over 50 years of industry expertise, research and development, which is why we’re recommending it to our customers.

For maximum flexibility, each element of these machines, from the condenser to the vacuum installation, has been predesigned to allow configuration for any necessary application. Solvents can be eliminated from a solution with ease without causing damage or altering the solute.

Bottles, vials and bulk products can all be facilitated and process-controlled ensuring efficient, reliable results. Ergonomic designs allow for ease of use, with the chance of operator error reduced, and cleaning and maintenance processes completed in less time.
There are also freeze-dryer loading and unloading options available to suit your production requirements. Systems include manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic options to allow these solutions to fit seamlessly into your production line.

The laboratory freeze dryer range includes small table-top units through to sophisticated pilot equipment which are designed according to GMP principles to comply with the strictest international standards.


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