Tube Fillers

The field tube filling solutions has almost a century of research and development behind it, bringing continuous innovation and improvements to this highly popular means of packaging. There is a variety of models that can be found in cosmetic production facilities around the world, which prove the quality and flexibility of the product range available to you.

This commonly used solutions, and the Industry-wide respect won over the years, proves that this technology is durable, reliable and efficient, time and again. Providing flexibility to users means that closing heads (sealing/folding) can be interchanged with ease to facilitate quick changeover times and minimal disruption to production.

Design and layout optimization combine minimal footprint with maximum output abilities,  to secure the  efficiency of this lines. Cutting edge shut-off valve technology used in the filling nozzles guarantees high-precision dosing, which result is optimized efficiency and minimal waste, allowing your company to maximize revenue and increase profit margins.

These solutions have the flexibility to accommodate a variety of applications and requirements, with options for tube material selection, optional sealing welds, rounded corners and oval tubes. Product characteristics are ranging from fluid liquid to high viscosity products, depending on your needs and requirements.

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