Every single component in a production line should be reliable, durable and of the utmost quality. This range of valves are the result of several years spent researching and developing new technologies to create the ultimate solution in valve design.

Using cutting edge innovations, this efficient, dependable quality extends to every valve in the collection, from butterfly and aseptic models to constant pressure and single seat valves. Seamless product flow ensures production is streamlined with optimized efficiency which is accomplished by the inclusion of smooth passageways. Product buildup is further avoided through the use of cutting-edge seal technology that also facilitates thorough cleaning with minimum effort.

The likelihood of overtightening is minimized with intelligent design to extend operating life. This is further enhanced by measures to protect the valveā€™s seal for excessive pressure and stress. This robust, durable structure protects your investment and reduces the possibility of downtime for repairs, proving both time- and cost-efficient.

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