Machines should always be optimized for the industry they are integrated in, which is why the centrifuges in this range have been sourced specifically from leading industry supplier of  marine processing equipment. These separators are specially designed for bilge water treatment and lube oil purifying, as well as sludge removal and other commonly required marine applications.

High performance is guaranteed through the utilization of state-of-the-art innovations that serve to increase operating life. There designs are compact, to suit the limited ship environment, by taking up less space without affecting processing efficiency or quality.

The systems are made simple and processing starts with the touch of a button. Throughout operation of the systems, the operator interaction is kept to a minimum with decisive functional parameters that handle variable temperatures and flow rates in accordance with automatic settings programmed for optimal separation performance.

Efficiency goes beyond mere the processing and operation of the systems – energy settings are configured for sustainable functioning that saves operating costs and reduces fuel consumption, while benefiting the environment.

The solutions in this range of marine-focused centrifuges are reliable, durable and high-functioning. Exactly what you expect from the technologies so you can feel secure that you can depend on it.

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